What Technology Can’t Do For Us

The other night I went to my son’s musical his third grade class put on. We aren’t normally the family that makes it super early and sits up front, but the stars seemed to line up just right and we happened to be early of all things–even making it to the second row (take that loser parents in the back).

One thing I was excited about was that for the first time ever in our school assembly parenting we would avoid the bizillion cameras that always block the view for our camera (phone).

I learned that this is an unavoidable reality even for our stellar seats.

There they were again. Blocking my view. My camera. Keeping me from my moment. Reaching into my would-be memory box and helping themselves to pics of my kid playing the instrument I can’t name. I imagine them posting the video to all their Facebookers while I am still scrambling to get a decent shot.

These things get my blood pressure going a bit. Why can’t there be one person who does this for everybody so we can just relax and enjoy the event? Why in these moments do I feel like if I don’t get the best shot of my kid like I’m certain they are, I will have missed his childhood completely?

I don’t know if there is a bigger lesson here for me or just an observation of technology, but I did think maybe we are all a bit too worried about missing these moments that we end up missing these moments.

What if capturing, recording, displaying and sharing our kids ends up distracting us from what we’re all trying to do?

Enjoy them.

I’m not suggesting a revolution here. I’m not even pushing a resolution. But maybe a takeaway to this rant would that I think technology lies to us. Maybe it doesn’t help us enjoy our kids at all.

Maybe delighting in the people around us is something we ultimately have to ask God for and not technology. Maybe we can’t carry it in our pockets because its supposed to come down from above (James 1:17). Maybe its not a future app being developed but an ancient supernatural thing that reminds us we are created and dependant.

Maybe these things remind us that “apart from him…who can have enjoyment?” (Ecc. 2:25)

So maybe I should not worry so much about the camera. Forget the best pic. Not get so tense. Remember grace. Look up. Ask for help.

And trust that God gets the best view.


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