Month: April 2014

If I Were Ground Up into Atoms

atom pic

In preparing for a sermon on Sunday I came upon this quote from Charles Spurgeon. It came from an address called “I Pray You Fasten Your Grip!” from a book called Only a Prayer Meeting. What he writes here we need to believe for ourselves and encourage each other like this.

Free grace and dying love are such old wine that no man desireth new. Gospel truths saturate a believer right through, and remain in the grain of the cloth like the old red of soldiers’ coats. The gospel is like some perfumes, which never leave the boxes in which they have once lain. The love of free grace dwells in the core of our heart. It has not only reached our bone, but it has impregnated the marrow; you cannot get it out of us, even if you kill us. I judge how it is with you by what I know of myself; I could be ground into atoms so small that you could not see them without a powerful microscope, but every atom would sparkle with belief in the atoning sacrifice, and the eternal love which gave it.


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An Ode to the STAAR Test


How your standards have made
A wonderful stress
For a kid of third grade

Where baseball was enough
For our schedule to do
Now we squeeze time
At night for you, too

We love your added pressure
And will never forget
Your trick Math questions
That I can’t seem to get

You are a deep mystery
Like a new Rubik’s Cube
Only the stickers are rearranged
And put back with super glue

Your answer options, O My
How you love to tease
The answers are F, G, H, or I
Instead of those silly A-Ds

You add a colorful dimension
In the midst of fighting strep
We get to train our 9 year old
In the ways of college prep

And let us always remember
How the fear of failing makes
Kids love to learn these subjects
No matter how long it takes

So, here’s to you STAAR test
You beautiful, standardized law
We will get back to work tonight
And make more bricks without straw